Taking the conversation out of the classroom

While trying to find something to bring to my Advanced class I found this great post by Jeff Utecht regarding the validity of blogging in the classroom.  More often than not the major impediment that Technology teachers face is the fear of the unknown.

We have all heard horrible stories about what happens to people when they reveal too much online.  What about teaching proper online behavior? What about teaching the relevance of the authentic audience?

I think that this post perfectly articulates the power of blogging and building a network of learners. I am interested in what my students have to say about this post and what it means for that class and for the Student Haley.

12 thoughts on “Taking the conversation out of the classroom

  1. Miss Cronk I appreciate you teaching us a different and more educated way to blog. Before this class I was under the impression that blogging was used for social purposes like myspace and other websites similar to that. You have showed us a way to use blogging as a tool for education, and I’m glad that I have this new knowledge.

  2. If I was Haley I would feel very special, not only because she gotten praise for making a successful experiment, but also because someone in a completely different country tried it out. This also made me think because you don’t have to be in the same room to learn new things, leading to new ways of learning.

  3. i think that it is amazing how you can connect to
    people around the world just from sitting
    down and typing
    on a computer

  4. I really agree with you that Jeff Utecht’s post is a great one. The more we learn about technology, the better we are able to understand it and use it to our advantage. Blogging is a very useful tool which if used correctly, can help us expand our reference area in a positive way. I thought it was so cool that a single student could influence a class on the other side of the world! Thanks for showing this to us!

  5. I think that the teacher in New Zealand using Haley’s blog and turning into a lesson that he used in his class is really cool. I can only imagine how Haley feels to know that her experiment is being used all the way in New Zealand. I would be extremely excited and I would the need to change up my blog now that I have an actual audience reading my blogs especially teachers and them using the things I say with in their class rooms…

    : )

  6. Mrs. Cronk: I really feel that we should teach here at VHS about the proper use of the internet so that during classes we can use it to its full potential without violating our privileges! I’m excited for the rest of the semester!

  7. I find the Blogging world very interesting. You really never know what you can find on the web. I think that online behavior should be important because you represent your school and yourself, also what people say about you is also important. I enjoy the blogging world and you learn more everyday and I am hoping to learn more everyday about the blogging world in my Adv. Computer Class.

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